Not for public access, but the exterior of the window is visible from Montague Close

The Millennium Window comprises upper, middle and lower panels in the North wall of the Cathedral Library.

‘In the upper windows, the silhouette of Old London Bridge spans the River Thames. Central windows: a cavalcade of people, rich and poor, who in past Ages may have crossed the Bridge, are interspersed with sacred references. The lower windows celebrate the river itself, and the boatmen who plied back and forth in the days before there was a bridge. The basic colours of the glass are limited to ‘flashed’ red and blue, skilfully acid etched and plated to give nuances of colour, from the deep blue of the night to the delicate shades of the dawn….Central to the design is the figure of Lancelot Andrewes, Queen Elizabeth’s favourite preacher, and one of the scholars involved in the translation of King James 1’s Bible’

 Ruth Taylor Jacobson BSMGP ‘Stained Glass’ 2017

Maker: Ben Finn, 2000. Ben Finn creates new ecclesiastical windows from his studio in Wickham Bishops, Essex. The Millennium Window commission was awarded to him by the Gulbenkian Foundation, in conjunction with the Stained Glass Museum in Ely, Cambs.

Note:  The subtle and sensitive glass painting and restrained use of colour.

(c) Southwark Cathedral