Christ in Majesty by Sir Ninian Comper

48.  Christ in Majesty dominates the centre light, with the Virgin Mary on the left and St John the Evangelist on the right. Our Lord sits above the world surrounded by seven doves, symbolic of the seven gifts of the spirit (wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear); on the world are the seven stars representing the original seven churches.

Maker: Sir Ninian Comper, 1950. His mark, a strawberry leaf with fruit and flower, is in the bottom right corner. It can best be seen through binoculars from the west end of the nave.

Note:  The youthful figure of Christ, and the rich deep blue of the glass which complements the gilding of the figures in the reredos below.

As evening light fades, the three figures melt into the blue background, leaving the seven doves of the spirit visible until dark.

(c) Southwark Cathedral