Can I book a lunchspace?

We do have an inside lunchspace but it must be booked in advance. If you are coming for a PM session you will need to check if the space is available as it could be booked by schools coming for an AM session. Please let us know if you wish to use the lunchspace. We cannot make space available ad hoc on the day. 

How can I prepare my students for their visit?

We aim to give all groups the opportunity to experience awe and wonder when they visit the Cathedral. It is a place of worship with people visiting for prayer and quiet reflection. It is helpful to speak with your student about  behaviour in places of worship (respectful and quiet) before the visit. Prayers are said every hour in the Cathedral and we will ask the group just to still and quiet during this time which is around 2 minutes.   

Positive behaviour for learning is important; we will work with you to promote it.  If you see one of your pupils doing something you're not happy with, please feel free to address it (even if that means interrupting us!)

What kind of groupings and adult ratios do I need?

Teachers and accompanying adults are responsible for the health and safety of their group and should always remain with students while in our buildings and during any emergency evacuations. We require the following adult to child ratios:


Key stage 1

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

Post 16, AS/A2








What do my adults helpers need to know?

For some sessions your adult helpers may need to take responsibilty for a small group of students for a short period of time. Please ensure your adult helpers are briefed, know which children are in their group and can access the time (wear a watch). 

To comply with our safeguarding procedures, we request that all accompanying adults carry some form of school identification with them and that the lead teacher identify themselves to staff upon arrival at the Learning Centre.

Do I need to bring a First Aider?

Yes, please bring a trained First Aider with you and a portable First Aid kit. Ask Learning Centre staff if you require a First Aider whilst in the Cathedral.  We cannot guarantee there will be one present at all times​ but there is usually a first aider on site.

What happens if there is an emergency?

We are trained in emergency procedures. Please follow staff guidance if an emergency arises and read our emergency procedure information ahead of your visit. Should there be an accident / health incident, please report it to Learning Centre staff​ immediately. 

Can we take photos?

Photography is permitted within the Cathedral and we do encourage you to photograph your group.  

What should students wear?

Please ensure students and accompanying adults are wearing sensible clothing and footwear suitable for walking around. We request that headwear is removed in the Cathedral, unless worn for a religious or medical reason​

Are the toilets public?

The Learning Centre toilets are not used by members of the public, but we do expect school staff and accompanying adults to supervise children at all times. 

What is your Covid 19 policy?

We are following the Government Covid-19 guidance for out of school settings.   Prior to your visit, relevant details of your school’s own risk assessment should be shared with pupils.  Throughout the visit, school staff and accompanying adults remain responsible for the welfare of the group, including with regard to Covid-19 measures such as ensuring regular handwashing and the wearing of face coverings (where appropriate).

If you have any other questions or wish to enquire about booking a visit please contact the Learning Centre by email or telephone 020 7367 6715.