Southwark Cathedral

an inclusive Christian community
growing in orthodox faith and radical love

On the Feast of Christ the King 2015 the new Mission Statement for the Cathedral was presented to the congregation. We are excited to be able to describe our life in this way and we believe it describes the very special nature of the community, passions and vision at Southwark Cathedral.

There is more to tell you – about the ‘Marks of our Community’ and the ‘Rule of Life’ to which we are committed.  We have a challenging series of priorities to address over the next season of our life and we very much hope that you will journey with us.

In the last decade we ‘encountered God’, lived as ‘pilgrim people’ and grew in love and service of our ‘Living God’. Now we want to bring that all together as we truly and confidently live with orthodox faith and radical love the call to be a passionate, open and inclusive Christian community.

Please pray with us and for us.

God of our life,
may we grow in faith and love
with confidence in you;
alive in Jesus Christ.


We believe there has been a church on this site since AD 606. There may well have been a church here even earlier. Southwark Cathedral is the oldest cathedral church building in London, and archaeological evidence shows there was Roman pagan worship here well before that.

Significantly, Southwark stands at the oldest crossing point of the tidal Thames at what was the only entrance to the City of London across the river for many centuries. It is not only a place of worship but also of hospitality to every kind of person: princes and paupers, prelates and prostitutes, poets, playwrights, prisoners and patients have all found refuge here.

Southwark Cathedral is a member of The Association of English Cathedrals